Catamaran travel for the whole family: Our five tips

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You want to go on a catamaran with your family? This is a great project! But for this project to be perfectly successful, don’t forget that the family cruise is specific. In your preparation, you must absolutely take into account certain fundamentals. Discover below 5 tips for a successful family catamaran trip.

Tip 1: Choose a boat suitable for a family

The first thing to think about when considering a cruise with your family is the type of boat. Indeed, if you can live with a small boat, you must understand that it will be more difficult for your child (or children). Also, we recommend that you choose a boat with a relatively large surface area.

A boat that has several rooms, such as a catamaran, is ideal because it will guarantee your privacy as well as that of your children. In addition, it also allows for some modularity. In fact, a bedroom can still act as a living room or playroom for your children during the day!

Unlike a motorboat, a catamaran will allow you to introduce your children to the basics of sailing. In addition to fun and relaxation, your family cruise will also act as a nautical course. Perfect to leave unforgettable memories to your children! Moreover, the catamaran has the advantage of being a stable and safe boat, ideal for children!

Tip 2: Choose a destination suitable for catamaran travel

The destination is as important as the journey. A suitable destination will motivate your whole family. This will help overcome the few hassles you may encounter along the way. How to choose your destination? It depends on the expectations of each member of your family, especially your children.

A destination like Corsica is often appreciated by families. Why? The Corsica with its unique landscapes and its beautiful beaches will delight everyone ! Moreover, Corsica has the advantage of a very rich marine ecosystem. You will be able to go and meet dolphins for example! What could be better than a swim with your children surrounded by man’s best friends?

But maybe your family is more looking for a change of scenery and escape. In this case, distant destinations such as the Seychelles or the Grenadines are to be preferred! In addition to having a name that makes you dream, these destinations allow you to discover an authentic experience. At the helm of your catamaran, you and your children will have the feeling of being in the shoes of an adventurer discovering a “new world”!

Family Catamaran Cruise

Tip 3: Adapt the navigation time

When planning your itinerary, you should take into account the age of your children. Thus, you will surely have to plan for rather short navigation times.

Too long a period of time can lead to boredom in your children. Depending on their age, they will not be as sensitive as you to the art and pleasure of sailing. Chances are, they will consider the navigation itself as a car ride. It won’t be long before you hear the famous question “When are we coming?”!

On the other hand, too short durations will not allow you to reach the planned stopovers. You will then risk being frustrated yourself and feeling that you did not take advantage of your catamaran cruise.

Given these elements, it is generally recommended to plan for a daily navigation time of 2 or 3 hours.

Tip 4: Vary the program throughout the day

Like any family vacation, it is important to plan a varied daily program. This will prevent your children from getting bored. For example, consider taking along boats and other inflatables. You can also think of different competitions to do in the sea such as a jumping or snorkeling competition. This will make swimming more enjoyable.

But a family cruise is not only about swimming. Consider inserting fun activities between outdoor dining and swimming. A wide range of activities is possible such as :

  • Card games:
  • Visits on land;
  • Activities on land such as bike rides;
  • Coloring;
  • Keeping a daily logbook;
  • Origami.

Tip #5: Make provisions

The shopping basket is not filled in the same way depending on whether you are traveling with friends or family. During a cruise, the stopovers can sometimes be long. In addition, unforeseen events may occur that will lengthen the time between two stopovers. In these circumstances, it is important to make adequate provisions.

In addition, the variety of supplies is important too. If you can be satisfied with basic food products, your children will appreciate the presence of chocolates and other dried fruits for example.

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