It's the Seanapps logo, an application that uses a box connected to your boat to send you all the information you need.

Do you know Seanapps?

is a box that you install on board your boat. It keeps your boat connected directly to your smartphone via a super-intuitive application.
What’s more, Seanapps allows you to simplify the maintenance of your boat and facilitate interaction with your dealer. As a Broker, we have access to your boat’s details so that we can advise you and intervene in time to ensure that your boat is seaworthy at all times.

Which boats can be connected?

All used
used boats
with a battery are compatible with the Seanapps kit, regardless of age or make. And if you buy a Groupe Beneteau boat new from the factory, it will already be equipped!

The case:

Your pre-owned boat can be equipped with the Retrofit Pack. The box is compatible with all boat models, regardless of age or make, and requires only an on-board battery to operate.


  • GPS position: By receiving alerts when your boat leaves its mooring area, you can be informed quickly in the event of theft or unauthorized movement of your boat.
  • Battery levels: By checking battery levels before you leave, you can avoid problems during your trip.
  • Distance covered: By recording the distance covered for each stage of your journey, you can monitor your performance and analyze your fuel consumption.
  • Water tank levels: By monitoring your equipment’s fresh water tank levels, you can plan and rationalize water use during your trip…

Who installs Seanapps?

Your dealer NETBOAT dealer will connect your boat directly to your cell phone. All the information you need is just a click away!

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