Want to sell your used boat? NETBOAT explains the process from A to Z!

Step 1: Assessing your vessel
Our years of experience and web-based tools enable us to determine the market value of your boat. Using the complete inventory we’ve drawn up in close collaboration with you, we’ll determine the condition and equipment level of your boat. Then we’ll compare sales of the same boat (last two years) and those currently being sold, to arrive at an average.
-For this step, don’t forget to provide us with your ID and boat documents!

Step 2: Determining the selling price & signing the mandate
Following the price survey, we work together to determine a net selling price. This is the amount you will receive when you sell your boat.
We draw up a sales mandate, an important tool for organizing and formalizing the sale of your vessel. This document protects the seller’s interests by clearly establishing the terms of the collaboration and the obligations of each party.
Important: whether it’s an exclusive or non-exclusive sales mandate, you can sell your boat yourself by publishing it on your own media (e.g. Le Boncoin).

Step 3: Publishing your boat on various media
NETBOAT will publish your boat on various media: NETBOAT website, Yacht World, Band of Boats, Multihulls, social networks and office posters. A YouTube video will also be produced to promote your vessel.
An advertising budget (financed by NETBOAT) will be allocated for the duration of the mandate.

Step 4: Information requests
NETBOAT will send you all the information about your boat. Visits are accompanied by the broker (face-to-face visits or video calls).

Step 5: Signing the sales agreement
Once we have reached an agreement with the buyer, he or she pays 10% of the boat’s price as a reservation and signs a preliminary sales agreement. This document is binding on both parties and defines the key dates in the transaction (valuation, deposit payment, acceptance of the boat…).

Step 6: Boat survey and acceptance
A marine survey provides an accurate and detailed inventory of the boat for sale. The appraisal is fully paid for by the buyer (appraiser and refit). Following the appraisal, the buyer has 7 days to accept or reject the boat. NETBOAT organizes the survey and the lifting of the boat.

Step 7: Boat acceptance and bill of sale
Once the buyer has accepted the boat and made the final payment, the deed of sale is signed. This is the legal document that formalizes the transfer of the vessel. We then assist the buyer in registering his vessel.

If you would like to sell your boat in Martinique or Guadeloupe, please contact us: info@net-boat.com !